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Karl Nerenberg | As Parliament resumes, politicians might all want to weigh their words before saying anything that could endanger the three Canadians at the eye of the political and diplomatic Huawei storm.
Photo: John McCallum flickr/ Day Donaldson
Karl Nerenberg | McCallum’s bottom line, like the PM, is that Canada wants to get its two jailed citizens back.
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Karl Nerenberg | Amnesty has suggested rescinding the status of safe third country for the U.S. The government should go further and scrap Harper's safe designated country of origin provision.
Don Mazankowski
David J. Climenhaga | Regardless of the timing and strategy for releasing the news, it's certain the move was planned in Ottawa while Stephen Harper was prime minister of Canada.
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Karl Nerenberg | The immigration minister announced new, increased targets for immigrants and refugees to Canada. The challenge ahead will be to deal with a nasty series of Harper government refugee "reforms."
Karl Nerenberg | There is much on the new government's agenda when the House comes back in session on Monday: from taxes, to infrastructure, to refugees, to the CBC.
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Ethel Tungohan | The Liberal government has modified its initial promise to accept 25,000 government-sponsored Syrian refugees by the end of 2015. Though the scope of the initiative is laudable, it raises questions.
rabble staff | Pat Martin: "The Conservatives have once again lowered the bar of ethical standards... and undermined the integrity of our electoral institutions in a way that is unprecedented in Canadian politics."