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Mar 2, 2010

CEOs as Liberal Party thinkers

Michael Ignatieff did a well publicized tour of Canadian Universities. Judging from the list of 40 speakers he invited to address the upcoming Liberal thinkers conference he was not impressed.
Dec 28, 2009

Canada's lost decade

James Laxer
Canadians headed confidently into the new millennium, but they are limping out of its first decade uncertain about the future and what their country stands for.
Dec 3, 2009

Who will stop Stephen Harper?

If neither the Liberals nor the NDP find the courage to present a vision to the country and redefine the political discourse, it is virtually certain that Stephen Harper will stay prime minister.
Dec 1, 2009

The instinct for power

When the Toronto trio went off to Harvard to talk Michael Ignatieff into returning to Canada to enter politics, they were looking for a Pierre Trudeau. Instead they found a Robert Stanfield.

A public dialogue with Bob Rae--over lunch.

Nov 6, 2009
Room 3000, SFU Harbour Centre
515 W. Hastings St.
49° 17' 2.94" N, 123° 6' 43.3188" W
A public dialogue with Bob Rae, Liberal MP, Opposition Critic for Foreign Affairs
Oct 6, 2009

The wrong road to recovery

Both the Liberals and the Conservatives seem to think economic recovery is at hand. But what the Conservative government has done is help out those least in need.
Sep 29, 2009

The next Liberal leader

Michael Ignatieff's ability to lead his party to victory is now openly questioned in Quebec. His main man, Denis Coderre, has resigned as Quebec lieutenant following a big fight.


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