Liberal Party

Sep 14, 2009

Michael Ignatieff is Mackenzie King

James Laxer
William Lyon Mackenzie King, the politician who served as prime minister for longer than any other mortal has returned to offer his services once again, this time in the guise of Michael Ignatieff.
Sep 9, 2009

Even worse than Harper?

Blair Redlin
A Michael Ignatieff government might well be worse than Harper's. It's time to start calling out Ignatieff.
Sep 7, 2009

Liberals make the right move

Grumbling to the contrary, Michael Ignatieff has done the right thing -- or at the very least, the necessary thing -- by threatening to pull the plug on the Conservative minority government.
Jun 16, 2009

Who's calling shots for Liberals?

Lisa Raitt's taped comments raise questions about what role the banks may have played in nixing the coalition, and also what power they wield over the severely financially strapped Liberal party.


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