Liberal Party

Jun 9, 2009

Harper time

Canadians are not about to see a federal election. Neither partner in the informal Liberal-Conservative alliance that dominates the House of Commons has a reason to provoke an election.
Jun 2, 2009

Revitalizing the common good

If it were enough to look ahead, and recognize the next occasion to reach out, and build support, politics would be a manageable activity. But more is required of our leaders than being good managers.
May 29, 2009

Just answer the question, Iggy

Why did he claim he was an American, repeatedly? Not answering implies there is something to hide, and leaves everyone free to speculate what the motive might have been.
May 21, 2009

Parsing the punditry

Sharon Fraser
There was a "debate" among the leaders of the three main Nova Scotia political parties on Tuesday evening. Who won?
May 20, 2009

B.C.'s winners and losers

The dust has settled on the B.C. election, sort of. B.C.ers won't know until the end of May what the new legislature will look like.


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