Broadcast Tower - Cambridge Bay Nunavut
Victoria Fenner | As commercial media abandons our communities, non-profit community media is stepping up as an alternative. Some ideas about what they’d do with a fraction of the budget that for-profits would need.
Photo: Glotman Simpson/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The government and Catherine Tait have committed to making local programming a priority for CBC. That will be hard, given the devastation local services have suffered over a number of decades.
Newspapers on newsstand. Photo: greenzowie/flickr
Nick Fillmore | The creation of even one sustainable, independent newspaper project anywhere in Canada would be a huge, unprecedented accomplishment.
Photo: George Rex/flickr
Don Duchene | For over 20 years the idea of Nova Scotians having our own educational broadcaster has popped up, in fits and starts, but it has never put down roots.