George Floyd protesters in Minneapolis. Image credit: Dan Aasland/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The U.S. is seeing a frightening legislative trend: the criminalization of protest. There are close to 100 anti-protest bills proposed nationwide in state legislatures.
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| On January 25, 2011 a revolution began in Egypt
Suncor CEO Richard L. George (right) with former Syrian Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otri. They are under a large portrait of President Bashar Al-Assad in an undated photo. George told CBC's The Current that Suncor was 'not connected to the Assad regime.'
The Collective for Syria in Montreal/Collectif pour la Syrie à Montréal | Richard L. George is urged to go public on the company's relationship with the brutal Assad regime, which has been attacking protesters for months -- and remove Suncor from Syria.
Sulaymaniya, Kurdish Iraq: The 'White Group' of self-appointed peacekeepers kept security forces and protesters apart.
Allan Slater and Michele Naar-Obed in Sulaymaniya | Wednesday was the 23rd anniversary of the poison gas attack by Saddam Hussein's forces on the people of Halabja, killing 5,000. Citizens of the region have been taking to the streets.
Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld is arrested and taken away to the detention centre. Photo: Activestills
Jesse Rosenfeld | People fighting to determine their own economic future clashed head on with the plans of the G20.