Unist'ot'en Matriarchs burn the court injunction in ceremony. Image: Unist'ot'en Camp/Twitter
John Miller | Substituting stereotypes for facts is not good journalism. Legacy media influencers are overlooking facts and centuries of injustice towards Indigenous people.
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Robert Hackett, Noam Chomsky | ​Noam Chomsky discusses how activism for better media could help mitigate climate crisis.
Image: Andrew Rusk/Flickr​
Robert Hackett, Noam Chomsky | In the first part of a two-part interview, Noam Chomsky critiques the corporate media coverage of climate crisis for failing to offer urgency and empowerment.
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Karl Nerenberg | Canadian media are covering Ford the way U. S. media covered Trump. Even when they believe they are being critical, by disproportionately focusing on the PC leader they are helping his campaign.
Yves Engler | General Jonathan Vance claims the media's reporting on the Canadian Forces has created "very toxic narratives." Poor muffin.
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Thomas Woodley | Some moves by pro-Israeli organizations seem intent not on furthering political debate on Palestine, but preventing it.
Gerry Caplan | A leaked Conservative Party fundraising email charges that the Liberal Party and the mainstream media are in lockstep. Nope, it's actually moderate Conservatives Harper is ticking off now.
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Nick Fillmore | Last week Globe reporter Campbell Clark gave a textbook example of how the mainstream media ignores and marginalizes the public in key debates that are clearly in the public interest.
Amy Goodman | The latest assault on Gaza reaffirms the key role played by the media in maintaining an information blockade. It also highlights the increasing importance of pressure applied by social networks.
Maximillian Forte
Riaz Sayani-Mulji, Ryan Sparrow | We speak with Maximillian Forte, professor of anthropology at Concordia University, on NATO's war in Libya and whether this was a popular uprising against Gaddafi.
Donald Gutstein | Is it just a coincidence that the Harper budget and the Fraser Institute's tax freedom day fell on the same day? Or have government and think-tank ramped up their level of co-operation?
Donald Gutstein | Two frames compete for dominance in this election. Which frame the corporate media privilege may determine the outcome.