James Laxer | Michael Ignatieff began his press conference in Ottawa today by saying that the Harper government's budget was deeply flawed. For a moment, I thought he was about to do something interesting.
Lorraine Chisholm | editor Derrick O'Keefe says the Liberal leader's many inconsistencies can be understood through the lens of his total identification with military and political power.
Alice Klein | As PM, Ignatieff could bring Obama's green recovery home instead of leaving Harper to pump our dirty oil.
Duncan Cameron | As new Liberal leader, does Michael Ignatieff's lead his party in voting with the Harper Conservatives, as in the past; or work with the coalition, defeat the Conservatives and become prime minister?
Linda McQuaig | As a child, Michael Ignatieff probably wouldn't have sounded unreasonable saying he wanted to be prime minister when he grew up.