Michael Ignatieff

Jan 31, 2011

A coming surprise for Michael Ignatieff

Brian Topp
What are we to make of Michael Ignatieff's sudden embrace of Jack Layton's policies -- policies he went to extraordinary lengths to prevent from being implemented?
Jan 18, 2011

Harper lays an election trap

Should any opposition political party wish to avoid a spring election in Ottawa, they will be forced to swallow a poison pill or be painted as anti-business by the Harper Conservatives.
Book Review
Jan 13, 2011

Understanding Stephen Harper

Am Johal
Two books on Stephen Harper provide a small window into the rise of the Conservative Party from the ashes of the Reform and Progressive Conservative parties: Harper's Team and Harperland.
Jan 10, 2011

How not to have a disappointing new year

Gerry Caplan
Some heartfelt advice for 2011: Keep these words of Izzie Stone and Mary McCarthy engraved on your heart. Trust no one. You're less likely to be disappointed by year's end. Trust me on this.


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