Dec 7, 2010

Ford scraps Toronto light rail transit system

John Bonnar
In his first day in office, mayor Ford cancelled Transit City light rail lines and ordered TTC chief Gary Webster to develop a new transit plan that included subways and more buses.
Dec 5, 2010

OCAP ready to battle Rob Ford

John Bonnar
OCAP will mobilize quickly and launch a strong counter attack against Ford’s agenda.
Dec 2, 2010

OCAP challenges the Rob Ford agenda

John Bonnar Audio Blog
As Rob Ford began his first day as the new mayor of Toronto, OCAP wasted no time in accusing him of embarking upon a Mike Harris agenda.
Dec 3, 2010

OCAP marks its first 20 years

John Clarke
The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty organizes communities under attack by neoliberalism on behalf of the working-class and the poor.


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