part-time work

Feb 16, 2015
Image: Stephen L Harlow/flickr

Rethinking social protections in the age of contractors

Iglika Ivanova
Our current approach to providing social protections was designed around the old permanent employee model and does not fit the new job market reality. It's time for our social policy models to change.
Aug 25, 2014
Source: CANSIM 282-0002

Why we should care about labour force numbers

Angella MacEwen
Labour economists dissect the details of the monthly Labour Force Survey, hungry for data and answers. But why should we care about the number or proportion of part-time workers anyway?
Apr 7, 2014
Photo: GTD Aquitaine/Wikimedia Commons

Ontario's labour market: Part-time gains, long-term pain

Kaylie Tiessen
Job numbers continue to tell the story of uneven job creation across the province and a labour market that is shifting away from full-time, goods-producing jobs to more jobs in the service sector.
Aug 5, 2011

Today's job numbers

Andrew Jackson
A decreasing unemployment rate is not always a sign of a strong labour market. The latest decrease in the unemployment rate is mainly due to Canadians leaving the labour market.


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