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John Akpata | There are now dozens of models of legalization and decriminalization Canada could follow to regulate marijuana use. In 2016, will Canada finally implement a good policy for this?
June Chua | The stories we tell are often a reflection of how we survive as humans and that idea is no more evident than in Arabian Nights, the sprawling epic on austerity by Portugal's Miguel Gomes.
Aníbal António Cavaco Silva
David J. Climenhaga | We are no longer being very well served by out mainstream media when they fail to cover important and relevant stories like the Portuguese constitutional crisis.
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David J. Climenhaga | We may have come from all over to Western Canada, but after a generation or two we became Scots without even realizing it.
Humberto DaSilva | This week, Not Rex's Humberto DaSilva ponders radical solutions for countries facing debt and... IMF policies.