Book Review
Christina Turner | The ongoing corporatization of Canadian universities has become the subject of a burgeoning field of anti-Corporate U lit. This book applies the principles of the Slow Food movement to education.
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Erika Shaker | The recently released PBO report, Federal Spending on Postsecondary Education, is a treasure trove of information about education funding, tuition fees, savings schemes and tax credits.
Image: Facebook/Brian Pallister
Zach Fleisher | As the dust settles on Manitoba's April 19 election, there are signs Premier Brian Pallister's new cabinet will take a different direction than the previous NDP government.
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Brianne Goertzen, Michael Barkman | If we want a system that educates students on the basis of their capacity and desire to learn and not on what is in their wallet, shifting from loans to grants is a step in the right direction.
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Mark Hudson | Our next provincial government needs to build on the recent modest steps taken to re-invest in our universities.
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Sunera Thobani | "You must refrain from thinking controversial thoughts out loud."
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Nora Loreto | The Ontario Liberals have ushered in the most regressive and anti-student policies in Canada. I remain unconvinced that a Liberal promise for free post-secondary education is what it says it is.
Lori Sigurdson
David J. Climenhaga | If Athabasca University is to survive, Alberta's government may have no choice but to fire the board as permitted under the Post-Secondary Learning Act.
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Muna Mire | Muna Mire spoke with student organizers at the University of Guelph who have been at the centre of the Canadian #BlackOnCampus movement to find out what the fight looks like on Canadian campuses.
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Graeme Stewart, Brynne Sinclair-Waters | Ontario needs to invest in our universities to boost the number of professors and academic librarians, and to ensure that every academic job is a good job.
Rick Salutin | Recent student protests from South Africa to Quebec to Missouri should not be treated as childish indiscretions by smug adults, argues Rick Salutin.
Doreen Nicoll | A fundraiser aimed at eliminating the barriers to post-secondary success for Indigenous women in Hamilton.