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Michael Stewart | Vancouver's best post-secondary option for low-income and ESL students is under threat of crippling cuts driven by a privatization agenda.
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Emmet Livingstone | In 2014, the Venezuelan government prohibited exchanging Venezuelan currency into foreign denominations. Well into 2015, Venezuelan students in Toronto are still bearing this impact.
Erin Wunker | Rex Murphy's latest column takes pot shots at the humanities -- but worse, it undermines the crisis facing Canada in gender inequality and rape culture.
Erika Shaker | Given the increasingly patchwork approach to university finance, it is crucial to revisit the federal role in the lead-up to a national election.
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Nora Loreto | RESPs are saving schemes that are supposed to help pay for higher education. How effective is this Band-Aid solution?
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Suzanne Smythe | This week, children across Canada are back to school. But learning does not end in Grade 12, and the transition to post-secondary education is like an obstacle course for thousands of adults.
Book Review
Michael Stewart | The corporatization of Canadian universities is a startling reality. Academia Inc. reveals the astonishing scale and scope corporate influence has on our universities.
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Jen Bagelman | If anything, Wente's article only confirms the need for more decolonizing work.
Province House, NS
Judy Haiven | The Liberal government in Nova Scotia has passed a spate of anti-worker legislation and there's more on its way.
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Erin Wunker | So many contract academic faculty take up post-secondary education as a vocation -- but what is the emotional cost when the politics of austerity extracts its price?
Open The Doors BC | British Columbia can invest in post-secondary education -- but won't. How does that affect the students?
Rick Salutin | The strikes at U of T and York are a reminder of the crisis in post-secondary education. The solution -- not to the strikes but the larger crisis -- is changing the customer model that has taken over.