Kayle Hatt | Students are being squeezed on both sides, trying to cope with higher tuition fees and growing debt on one side while having a harder time finding jobs to pay for it.
Photo from the 2010 anti-tuition fee rally held in Ottawa
Nora Loreto | A response to the so-called left-wing push to convince students to leave the CFS.
Image: CFS
Ethan Cox | Departure of over a dozen schools across Canada may spell the end for the Canadian Federation of Students, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Photo: ChristianFierro/flickr
Nick Falvo | It has recently been reported that the University of Alberta wants to "reopen two-year collective agreements" with faculty and staff "to help the university balance its budget."
Alvin Finkel
David J. Climenhaga | It's pretty obvious the job of doing something meaningful to solve Athabasca University's crisis is going to fall to Advanced Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk and Premier Alison Redford.
Photo from jimmywayne/flickr
Simon Enoch | How much would you give up to get a university education? Two University of Regina students facing deportation have taken sanctuary in a church basement for almost a year to advance their degree.
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois | the Parti québécois is again closing the window opened by the student movement, locking the debate behind some sterile technocratic issues.
Rick Salutin | It's true universities have expanded democratically in the past 50 years and become "mass" institutions -- usually said with a sneer in the current debate. But what's wrong with that?
Book Review
Too Asian?: Racism, Privilege, and Post-Secondary Education
Cara Ng | “Too Asian?”: Racism, Privilege, and Post-Secondary Education, a new anthology, takes Maclean's magazine to task and explores race and representation in Canadian universities.
Photo: Art Starts Here poster, a pointed variation on Nova Scotia's Ships Start
Theresa Ketterling | In Nova Scotia, government support for education is shrinking. The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and Nova Scotia Agricultural College have been on merger watch for a couple of years.
Infographic: Take a Hike! From Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)
Erika Shaker | It might have been my imagination (or perhaps wishful thinking), but in the midst of this year's back-to-school media coverage, the issue of student debt seemed a little more prominent than usual.
Student Day of Action in Toronto. Photo: Frandroid Atreides/Flickr
Trish Hennessy | At a time when Ontario's government is promising a transformation of the province's education system, it would be wise to focus on a problem it helped create: the problem of high tuition.