prison justice

Apr 12, 2012

A plague of prisons

People's Health Radio
People's Health Radio looks again at the health and social impacts of prisons and the mass incarceration agenda in Canada.
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The Missing Project

The missing project strives to make mass imprisonment visible
Feb 27, 2012

Bored but not broken: 'What did you do at school today?'

Mandy Hiscocks
It seems like an appropriate time to talk about how the state uses the criminal justice system and the prison-industrial complex to rip apart families in poor, marginalized and targeted communities.
Feb 15, 2012

Bored but not broken: Home, home on the range

Mandy Hiscocks
I've been here almost four weeks now and I've got the routine down. So now it's time for me to answer the question I get asked the most by folks on the outside: "So what do you do all day?"


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