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Notes from a netbook convert

Wayne MacPhail
A few months ago, in this very space, I told you I wasnâe(TM)t totally sold on the idea of âeoecloud computingâe - the notion that weâe(TM)ll all be storing our applications and

Citizens demand democratic media

Steve Anderson
Media Democracy Day (MDD) is a multi-city forum including panels, workshops, training sessions and speakers addressing media and communications issues.

MDD events look at 'what's missing in media'

This year's Media Democracy Day in Toronto will feature a series ofthematic and skill-based workshops. Topics range from media criticism andexamples of truly independent media to training sessions on

Susan Nathan on 'the other side of Israel'

Ted Cooper
Writer and activist Susan Nathan recently sat down with rabbletv, where she spoke candidly about her life in Tamra, the human rights abuses she witnessed and the importance of including women in the

Making a habit of early adoption

Wayne MacPhail
Iâe(TM)m sure you have your own stories about fruitless and failed attempts to get coworkers and family members to just try, let alone adopt and embrace new technologies or social media tools. W

Wall Street panic, Main Street pain

Ingo Schmidt
For years the business community, led by Wall Street bankers and echoed by compliant politicians, was praising economic globalization and the decreasing role of national borders. Since Wall Street is

Harper government pushed financial deregulation

Ellen Gould
The Harper government is responsible for pushing the envelopeon deregulation both domestically and internationally despite cautionaryevents in the U.S. clearly indicating what could go wrong.

Why we blockaded Highway 117

Norman Matchewan
The Barrière Lake Algonquins' decision to peacefully blockade Highway 117 was not easily made. We have always preferred co-operation to confrontation. We do not wish to disrupt the lives o

Counting down to E-Day

rabble staff
With only four days to go to E-Day, and heading into a long weekend, we can give thanks for Stephen Harper's tumble in the polls over the past week to 10 days. Our great team of election bloggers wil


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