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Apr 12, 2004

Liberal or Conservative: same difference, eh?

Duncan Cameron
Canadians are going to the polls; maybe this spring, maybe not until the fall. When we go, we'll have to give some serious thought as to how we're going to vote.
Mar 3, 2004

Did Canada support a coup in Haiti?

Yves Engler
Was there a coup in Haiti and did Canada support it? We do know Canadian troops were present at the airport when President Jean-Bertrand Aristide left the country. We do know Canada stood by and did
Mar 18, 2003

Dalton Camp's Legacy

rabble staff
Dalton Camp, who died a year ago today, left a rich legacy — one that includes a strong critique of the Bush Administration and prescient words against Bush’s predilection for war.
Nov 11, 2003

Lest we forget

Paul Burrows
Today, let us also remember those who refused to fight for unjust causes and were called cowards. Let us for once acknowledge their bravery and for standing alone with their principles.
Sep 22, 2004

Deadly hurricanes: Are we getting the message?

rabble archives
As one behemoth storm after another slams into the United States, I'm all ears waiting for the words “climate change” to be uttered in the American election campaign. The Bush administratio
Nov 7, 2005

First blow against the FTAA was in Quebec City

Judy Rebick (with a report by Ezequiel Adamovsky)
If, as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said last week, "Here in Mar del Plata (Argentina), the FTAA will be buried"; then the first shovel that dug the hole for its burial went
May 15, 2001

Rabble Summary of the Summit

more rabble
News from on the ground, first-person accounts, analysis of free trade, strategies of protest and more. Includes follow-up articles on the arrests and detainment of The Germinal 5, Jaggi Singh and Ne
Jan 22, 2003

Left Out

Sabitri Ghosh
Even though millions of workers of colour want the protection unions provide, theyâe(TM)re still under-represented in labourâe(TM)s rank and file. But, failing to organize the growing &#151
Jul 15, 2003

Selling out B.C. for Olympics

Susanne Shaw
When the Gordon Campbell Liberal government came to power in B.C., the rich pocketed their tax breaks. Wages plummeted, businesses foundered, thousands lost their jobs and the province suffered a rev
Aug 22, 2007

Report back from Montebello

Kim Elliott and Libby Davies
On August 20, we were at Montebello, Quebec amidst hundreds of community, labour, student activists, and peace activists to voice our opposition to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), and


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