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Aug 11, 2008

Labour leaders report back: No to Colombia FTA

Denis Lemelin, Paul Moist, John Gordon and George Heyman
We visited Colombia from July 18-25 on behalf of one million Canadian public sector workers. Our mission, among other tasks, was to see for ourselves whether our opposition to the Canada-Colombia fre
Jul 25, 2008

Stratford: Cool theatre for summer's parching heat

Robin Breon
The Stratford Shakespeare Festival and Niagara-on-the-Lake's Shaw Festival are both feeling the pinch from the rise in oil and gas prices. Both institutions are, however, offering fresh and innovativ
Jul 24, 2008

Premiers bow to corporate pressure in Quebec City

The Council of Canadians
A new dispute resolution process, which Canada's premiers agreed to include in the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) at last week's Council of the Federation meeting, is unnecessary, anti-democratic
Jul 23, 2008

Miami: 'Ground Zero' of U.S. housing crisis

Laura Flanders
The presidential candidates are unlikely, ever, to talk about today's housing crisis and sustainable development in a place like the Miami neighbourhood of Overtown.
Jul 21, 2008

Eyewitness to the G8 protests in Japan

Ben Powless
The Group of Eight Summit was held July 7-9 in Japan. I have had some time to reflect on the protest that took place July 5, organized by Japanese NGOs, and how it reflects the wider context of the m
Jul 16, 2008

rabble exclusive: Interview with Michael Byers

Am Johal
Dr. Michael Byers, a professor of international law and political science at the University of British Columbia, recently announced that he is seeking the NDP nomination for the riding of Vancouver C
Jul 15, 2008

Safe Third Country ruling overturned on appeal

Edward C. Corrigan
On June 27, 2008 the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal reversed the earlier landmark Federal Court decision that had struck down the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States.
Jul 14, 2008

French lessons for the North American Left?

Derrick O'Keefe
Today is Bastille Day in France. It's the perfect time to look across the Atlantic for some political inspiration for North America's beleaguered political Left.
Jul 9, 2008

Stop imminent deportation of war resisters

War Resisters Support Campaign
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Immigration Minister Diane Finley appear set to act against the wishes of Canadians and deport Corey Glass and Robin Long.


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