Mar 20, 2020
Image: NIAID/Flickr

COVID-19: Is the university up to the task?

Sunera Thobani
The COVID-19 crisis reveals how unreliable and unprepared key institutions remain in the face of potentially unmitigated -- but foreseeable -- disaster.
Jul 2, 2019
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Historicizing whiteness -- or not

Raluca Bejan
The presumption that there is a universal, global process of racial formation is conceptually and historically flawed.
Mar 27, 2019
Black Lives Matter. Image: Ella/Flickr

Black lives matter in Canada, as well

Robyn Maynard
Machuar Madut's death was not inevitable, and it is both possible and necessary to demand that he deserved -- and that we all deserve -- better.
Feb 7, 2019

Racism can't be scrubbed away

The legacy of slavery in the United States lives on in countless, often deadly, ways. Racism, like the shoe polish Virginia's Governor Northam used on his face, can't simply be scrubbed away.


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