Image: cat's_101/Flickr
Abdul Nakua | Faith communities should focus on promoting inclusion, sharing wisdom, and building robust coalitions and cross-sectorial collaborations that address the inadequacies of the economy.
Omni Woods on Design Forward runway
Kelly Okamura | Kelly Okamura attends Design Forward, a new sustainable fashion competition and finds she wants more than a passing glance from a conscious runway show.
Photo: Give 30 Campaign
Miriam Katawazi | While preparing for Ramadan, a Toronto lawyer had an idea. Why not use the month of fasting to collect donations for food banks, and help the hungry? Give 30 was born.
Photo: Farhat Rehman
Rahat Kurd | With singers, poets and spoken word artists in the program, the Peace Iftar has affirmed its place in the Toronto interfaith, arts, LGBTQ, Muslim and wider communities as a "bridge-builder."
Photo: Emad Badwan
Eva Bartlett | It's Ramadan in Gaza, but instead of celebrating the most adored and revered time of their year, Palestinian Muslims living in Gaza are suffering more than ever.
Alex Hundert | Alex's jail blog from the central north correctional centre in penetang.
Rick Salutin | You can have religion without fanaticism and dogma, and you can have fanaticism and dogma without a religion in sight. The ability to hold a deep, irrational certainty is a basic human trait.