Linda McQuaig | In addition to sabotaging our democracy, Harper has been restructuring our country in a fundamental way -- something that will be hard to reverse and, incidentally, very pleasing to Canada's elite.
Photo: Obert Madondo
Obert Madondo | On March 14, Ottawa-based activist and progressive blogger Obert Madondo started an indefinite hunger strike to protest Stephen Harper's omnibus crime bill.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper in effigy at an anti-prorogue rally in Ottawa, Jan. 2010. Photo: Greg Pang/Flickr
Kathleen O'Hara | Here is a print off and pass around list with important reasons why the Harper Conservatives don't deserve another chance in power come the next election. Share widely when the time comes.
Stephen Harper at the World Economic Forum. Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr
Kathleen O'Hara | It took many poorly constructed policy bricks to build the power tower the Conservative Party lives in as they rule Canada. But many of the bricks are cracked, and the edifice looks set to tumble.
Murray Dobbin | As Parliament resumes, this is the first in a new series looking at the harm Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing to the political and social fabric of Canada.