Feb 15, 2012

Africafiles: Cities, poverty and revolution

Africafiles: The Pulse
Africa is rapidly urbanizing, and Peace Studies Lecturer Timothy Gachanga argues there could be a link between growing African urban poverty and revolution.
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Egyptian Revolution

On This Day
On January 25, 2011 a revolution began in Egypt
Jan 12, 2012

Opposition forces in Egypt

Despite the departure of Hosni Mubarak 11 months ago, the regime he ruled is still for the most part in place. Yet labour and social forces are still active in opposing the government.
Jun 27, 2011

The Egyptian revolution: Phase two

Jesse McLaren
Phase two of the Egyptian revolution is the ongoing work to broaden political gains and connect them with social and economic demands.
Jun 22, 2011

The Egyptian revolution: Phase one

Jesse McLaren
This blog entry will focus on the first phase of the Egyptian revolution -- the 18 days that shook the world, ousted dictator Mubarak and won political reforms -- and the struggles that led up to it.


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