Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The spirit of resistance for which Frederick Douglass is best remembered is alive and well, and is directed squarely against the Trump administration.
Photo: flickr/Lenee Son
A. Splawinski | An interview with Janaya Khan, an organizer with BLMTO, about how they address criticism, how activism differs in Canada vs. the U.S. and how diverse tactics are necessary to achieve Black liberation.
Janice Jo Lee - Sing Hey -
Dan Kellar | Kitchener-based folk artist Janice Jo Lee speaks about her new album "Sing Hey" and her pending tour, and discusses healthy artistic scenes and social justice in life and music.
Subhanya Sivajothy | Queer McGill will be hosting its seventh annual Rad Sex Week, an event series seeking to explore and destigmatize anti-oppressive, feminist, trans- and queer-positive expressions of sexuality.
Book Review
Amira Elghawaby | By 2030, Canada's growth will be entirely based on immigration. So it seems it is in everyone's best interest to welcome newcomers, but you wouldn't gather that by the current laws and changes.
Image: THRWU
Ella Bedard | This new union, THRWU, takes an inclusive approach to organizing some of health care's most precarious workers.
Peoples' Social Forum | Watch the discussion during the Alternative Media Movement Assembly at the Peoples' Social Forum!
Photo: flickr/David B. Gleason
Kendra Coulter | Union leaders and activists are trying to engage and diversify membership and support their members. However, shouldn't this also extend to pro-animal members and animal rights?
Steffanie Pinch | Here are the top five radical grassroots activists that were featured on the Rad Voices podcast that you need to listen to.
Activist Toolkit
| A guide to ensuring delivery of community services takes place in a feminist, anti-oppression space
Photo: flickr/Libertinus
Waleed Ahmed | Talking about Israeli Apartheid: Three main policies are used to support Israeli Apartheid. Read about how they work in part two of our Israeli Apartheid Week series.
Equitable Education | Greg Macdougall interviews Mia Mingus, one of the leading articulators of Disability Justice, about oppression of disability and other systems of oppression and injustice.