Adult Sockeye Salmon encounter a waterfall on their way up-river to spawn.
Dan Lewis | Wild salmon fisheries have all but collapsed in Norway, but it's not too late for B.C. to adopt new technologies to mitigate harmful effects of fish farming.
David Suzuki | Salmon farming is set to expand on B.C.'s coast, but despite improvements, the industry has yet to go far enough to get the green light from Seafood Watch in the U.S. and SeaChoice in Canada.
Karl Nerenberg | While aboriginal peoples face increased imprisonment because of the "crime bill" and suffer big job losses, a band in B.C. has a new idea for salmon farming.
Bill Henderson | Are we acting with due diligence to future generations? Is ideological orthodoxy keeping us in denial about how we govern ourselves? B.C.'s fossil fuel expansion is a crime against humanity.
Clearcut forest in British Columbia. Photo: Dru!/Flickr
Bill Henderson | The B.C. forest industry is a prime example of our failure to govern ourselves with due diligence to future generations. We must give our natural world time to recover.
rabbleTV | has teamed up with the Wilderness Committee to bring you the live audio feed from the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the decline of salmon in the Fraser River.