Dec 6, 2012

Pornifying violence against women

Feminist Current
Making the connection between pornography and violence against women: this podcast features excerpts from a panel discussion hosted by Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter.
Nov 19, 2012

Does Facebook have a misogyny problem?

Feminist Current
Facebook has faced significant critique over pages that promote violence against women and rape 'jokes'. Meghan Murphy speaks with Soraya Chemaly about this issue and how it might be addressed.
Oct 29, 2012

#138 Halloween: What scares are left?

rabble radio
From zombie ideas, to the ruling on Khadr, to the sexualization of girls, there is plenty to give a good fright. For treats, we have a story on theatre and physics, plus a song about F-35 planes!
Oct 16, 2012

YOUth Ending Violence

Rona Amiri
Tijash Ramirez
Rona Amiri and Tijash Ramirez are attending Battered Women's Support Services YOUth Ending Violence program.
Sep 20, 2012

Facts and science prove to be useful after all!

Meghan Murphy
The thing about sexism today is that much of it is less overt than it perhaps once was. necessarily the kinds of things you can prove via statistics or math.


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