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small business

Mar 6, 2016
Bike lanes

Bike lanes help local businesses thrive

Michael Andersen understands why small business owners are nervous about changes in the street outside their store windows. But he says they have nothing to fear, and much to gain, from bike lanes.
Sep 15, 2015
Photo: Phillip Ingham/flickr

Small business taxes, big loopholes

David Macdonald
Kaylie Tiessen
Are small business tax cuts really the best way to help small business and the Canadian economy? The short answer is no.
Sep 12, 2014

Is the EI cut a 'job credit'? Try 'job killer'

David Macdonald
Yesterday the federal government announced a "Small Business Job Credit." The idea is that small businesses will have a portion of what they paid in EI refunded to them, as a "job-creation strategy."
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Cash mob

Cash mobs are about putting your money where your mouth is and back into local businesses.
Apr 11, 2011

Cargo trike co-op takes to the streets in Vancouver

Redeye speaks with one of the founding members of a new bike co-operative that aims to deliver goods to businesses in downtown Vancouver. Graham Anderson explains how the co-op will work.


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