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Dec 31, 2011
Photo: Velcrow Ripper, http://occupylove

Love's evolution is my resolution

Velcrow Ripper
Love's evolution is my resolution, my revolution, my solution. The time is now. 2012 is upon us. The beginning is here!
Dec 9, 2011

Dear Generation Why: A letter to my younger self

Tara Mahoney
This article is a letter to written to my younger self 50 years from now, looking at the current global situation and generation Y's role in ushering in mass social change.
Nov 30, 2011

Start the new era

Fiona Rayher and Tara Mahoney
The New Era blog demonstrates how young change agents are successfully using new tools and new approaches to re-imagine politics, commerce, culture, faith, collaboration, democracy and community.
Activist Toolkit

rabblepedia is an international organization that takes on national campaigns
Nov 3, 2011

Carlotta Gurl and Pivot

Pivot Legal Society
Drag Queen Carlotta Gurl talks about why she supports Pivot's advocacy for marginalized people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside on the eve of Passion for Justice in Vancouver.

Roots to Grow: The need for radical spaces in movement-building

Nov 24, 2011
Rhizome Café
317 East Broadway
Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 46.6812" N, 123° 5' 55.0536" W
British Columbia CA
Roots to Grow invites panelists from a variety of spaces to share their experiences and lead a discussion that will help position Rhizome Cafe as part of a network of radical spaces.
Oct 17, 2011

#Occupy Toronto, Day 3, in photos

John Maclennan
It's day three, and Occupy Toronto is going strong. A large labour contingent joined as the activists joined Ryerson University social justice days. Photos by Toronto photographer John Maclennan.


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