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Book Review
Dec 2, 2010
Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists

'Small, radical acts' drive big changes

Jessica Rose
Save the world. These three words have slipped off the tongues of well-meaning parents for decades. This is a good thing, right? Maybe not, argues Courtney E. Martin, author of Do It Anyway.

DIY-Punk Matinee!

Nov 20, 2010 to Nov 21, 2010
Beit Zatoun
612 Markham Street (by Bathurst subway)
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 53.2584" N, 79° 24' 44.6868" W
Ontario CA
No Apathy! Toronto is a project that seeks to empower youth and create social change through the ideas and culture of DIY-Punk.
Sep 23, 2010

Toward a democratic globalism

Jim Quail
Instead of waging an endless succession of losing battles to restore the past, we need to imagine a future, and work to achieve it.
Sep 9, 2010

An era of new politics begins

Murray Dobbin
In the era of social justice coalitions the political culture provided the possibility of change -- the elites were still susceptible to pressure from citizens and their organizations.
Jul 19, 2010

Another political season is over

Murray Dobbin
I often say to people that the left -- whatever that is these days -- has to offer people hope, not despair, if we are to motivate and engage people in social change action.

That's Women's Work- Women's Open Mic Night!

Jul 9, 2010 to Jul 10, 2010
Alternative Grounds Cafe
333 Roncesvalle Ave.
M6R2M8 Toronto
43° 38' 46.6044" N, 79° 26' 56.4864" W
Womens open mic night- everyone welcome but the mic belongs to the ladies (self identifying as always!)


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