social housing

Jun 22, 2012

Exploring the idea of community

A recent Star piece by two criminologists brought a new gaze to the idea of community. It examined reconstruction of public housing in Toronto's Regent Park.
Jan 20, 2012

Housing, homelessness and health

People's Health Radio
People's Health Radio takes a look at the health impacts of inadequate housing with a particular focus on people in extremely marginalized housing such as shelters and hotels.
Nov 28, 2011

Housing in the Northwest Territories

Nick Falvo
Last week, I was in Yellowknife, where I released results of new research on affordable housing in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Research findings include the following.
Nov 11, 2011

Solutions to Vancouver's homelessness crisis

Pivot Legal Society
In the run-up to municipal elections on November 19, Ivan Drury explains 3 easy steps that would be easy for city hall to implement to solve the homelessness crisis, at almost no cost to taxpayers.
Nov 7, 2011

The privatization of social housing

Nick Falvo
I spoke on a panel at the Annual Conference of the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association. It was inspired in part by the debate over Rob Ford's attempt to sell social housing units to private buyers.


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