Global Arts Night - Call for Submissions

Jan 17, 2009 to Feb 7, 2009
York University
Submit artwork relating to global issues (preferably having to do with the 'global' and the 'local') to be displayed at York University for Global Arts Night.

Show Solidarity w/ Greek Uprising

Jan 9, 2009
Consulate General of Greece
365 Bloor St. E (at Sherbourne)
Toronto , ON
43° 40' 19.254" N, 79° 22' 42.9168" W
Ontario CA
Solidarity picket with the struggle in Greece!
Sep 30, 2008

Dying to go to school

Mai Nguyen
Saying no to war isn’t that easy. When you’ve got a pile of debt from your student loans, it’s hard to refuse when military recruiters dangle a “solution” to your problems.
Nov 7, 2008

Students can really rock the city

Mai Nguyen
Remember, remember the fifth of November. That was the catchy phrase the Ryerson Students’ Union used in their campaign to get students to come out for the drop fees rally. Without a doubt, it worked.
Oct 16, 2008

A clean win for corporations, a loss for students

Mai Nguyen
So here we are again…living in yet another Canada under the leadership of the Conservative government. It’s a hard blow for students. But it’s not so much for the corporations.
Oct 15, 2008

The Kids are All... Where?

Beisan Zubi
As a member of the oft-ignored youth vote, I see some stirrings on my university campus to get out there and have our voices heard.


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