Canadian money. Image: Pixabay
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | The top 1 per cent of wealthy people in Canada own about 25 per cent of all the wealth in the country. Unions and the Broadbent Institute are calling for Canada's wealthy to pay their fair share.
Wayne Easter. Photo: David Faltenhine/Leadnow Canada/flickr
Murray Dobbin | Liberal finance committee chair Wayne Easter is defending wealthy individuals and big companies who are getting away with blatant tax avoidance -- or advising others how to do so.
Murray Dobbin | Now that we have a government that says it believes in governing, the question of comprehensive progressive tax reform needs to be front and centre.
Image: Flickr/dumfstar
Kaylie Tiessen | What is the combined effect of the race to the bottom for small business and corporate taxes? This tax policy is one among many factors contributing to income and wealth inequality in Canada.
Robin Hood tax. Image: Ferran Esteve/Flickr
Toby Sanger | An international poll commissioned by the International Trade Union Confederation found very strong support in many countries, including Canada, for the introduction of Financial Transaction Taxes.
Brian Topp | In a policy paper released on November 28, Brian Topp shares his views on the Canadian tax system, and proposals for improving it.
James Clancy | We’re long overdue for serious tax reform in this country. Most Canadians agree on this. But the new unfair Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in Ontario and B.C. is not what most of us had in mind.