Apr 16, 2012

Lebanon's Khiam prison now open

Eva Bartlett
Eva Bartlett journeys to a number of Lebanon's significant sites of resistance and victory over the Zionist occupation of Lebanon, including a former prison known for its torturing of prisoners.
Mar 20, 2012
View of the WikiLeaks homepage. Photo: Prism Magazine

Business as usual for security officials after Arar case

Jeff Sallot
A classified U.S. diplomatic cable records how American officials worked with senior Canadian police and security officials to find "work-arounds" to anticipated restrictions on intelligence-sharing.
Mar 14, 2012

Public safety minister's torture directive 2.0

Maher Arar
A new directive issued by the Minister of Public Safety removes any ambiguity about the government's position on the use and sharing of information that is likely derived from torture.

Resisting rendition and demanding justice

Mar 6, 2012 to Mar 7, 2012
Kitchener Downtown Community Centre (KDCC) Multi-Purpose Room,
35 b Weber St. W.
Kitchener , ON
43° 27' 9" N, 80° 29' 19.9176" W
Ontario CA
An Evening with Canadian Torture Survivor Abdullah Almalki, accompanied by Matthew Behrens, co-ordinator of Stop Canadian Involvement in Torture.


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