Civil society protests outside the House of Commons trade committee hearings on
Brent Patterson | The House of Commons standing committee on international trade will be in Montreal, Quebec City, Windsor and Toronto and civil society will be there to let them know that they want the TPP stopped.
Michael Butler | The TPP prohibits governments from requiring information about drug prices or R&D costs in connection with registration. Who wants to enforce a further lack of knowledge of drug prices or R&D costs?
Michael Butler | Health Canada finally acknowledged what health economists, academics and activists had been saying for some time: drug costs will rise under pending trade deals like the TPP.
Redeye Collective | A new study on the TPP questions why Canada allowed countries like Japan and the United States to significantly weaken protection for Canadian culture.
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Brent Patterson | The TPP would open some of Canada's dairy market to imports from the U.S., but less than what had been demanded by American dairy farmers.
Meghan Sali, Digital Freedom Update | Canadians have many reasons to be concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But the real poison pill in the TPP lies in its "investor-state dispute settlement" mechanism. Here's why.
"Consultations" in Halifax
Sujata Dey | On the Trans-Pacific Partnership, International Trade minister Chrystia Freeland has claimed to be in "listening mode." But it is not clear whom she is actually consulting.
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Brent Patterson | The United Nations Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Rights Victoria Tauli-Corpuz says the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens Indigenous land rights.
Shit Harper Did | An American pharmaceutical corporation is suing Canadian taxpayers for $500 million because we rejected their patents.
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Brent Patterson | The Trans-Pacific Partnership Division at Global Affairs Canada has provided an email address for the public to send in their comments and questions about the TPP. Here are some of their responses.
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Michael Geist | The Trouble with the TPP continues with another area of intellectual property that is subject to an overhaul due to largely to the trade agreement: trademark law.
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Michael Geist | The failure to sign CETA before TPP raises the possibility of problems with the Canadian provisions on geographical indications. Here's how this will impact Canada and its businesses.