May 9, 2013

B.C. trade justice tour on CETA, FIPA, TPP

Stuart Trew
Join me for a public discussion on "CETA, FIPA, TPP: The New Face of Corporate Power." These events will be part of a speaking tour in B.C. to build opposition to Canada's corporate trade agenda.
Mar 21, 2013

Our Best Plans: Weekly news update from OpenMedia

Lindsey Pinto
This week citizens chimed in with ideas, words of encouragement, and new ways to talk about the threats to the Internet posed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.
Mar 12, 2013

TPP: What you need to know about this 'super-sized' trade deal

Raul Burbano
Kristen Beifus
Manuel Pérez-Rocha
The TPP is a super-sized trade deal-expanding on so called "next generation" trade and investment deals that NAFTA countries have pursued in the wake of the stalemate at the World Trade Organization.


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