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Aug 2, 2017
Back of Westjet flight attendant. Creative Commons licensed photo: Cara Grimshaw Photography/flickr

Multiple union drives reflect turbulence at WestJet

Meagan Gillmore
WestJet employees are working in crowded environments -- and not just airplanes. Several campaigns are underway to organize workers, including customer service representatives and flight attendants.
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Labour Day

On This Day
The first Labour Day in Canada was when workers discovered the power of striking
Sep 4, 2013

Unifor: Canada's newest union

I am still catching my breath from one of the wildest weeks in my life: all the events that culminated in the founding convention last weekend in Toronto of Unifor.
Aug 10, 2013

Union organizing in Mindanao

Asia Pacific Currents
Labour updates from the Asia Pacific region and an interview with Terisita Hadman from KMU Philippines about organizing conditions in Mindanao.


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