Scott Neigh | Candyce Paul talks about the work of the Committee for Future Generations to oppose the uranium industry in northern Saskatchewan.
Ole Hendrickson | At the World Uranium Symposium, speakers delved deeply into the links between nuclear power, nuclear weapons, climate change and renewable energy. What does it mean for sustainable energy development?
Scott Neigh | Don Montgrand and Candyce Paul talk about the Northern Dene Trappers Alliance, highway blockades, defending the land, and cultural resurgence.
GroundWire | This episode covers #BlackLivesMatter, alternative transportation in Halifax, and Ryerson's radio station's successful bid for a spot on the AM dial.
Open-pit uranium mining near Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan. Photo: SkyTruth/Flick
Scott Harris | Despite opposition from residents in the village of Pinehouse, a controversial "collaboration agreement" has been signed, committing Pinehouse to support uranium giants Cameco and Areva's mining.
Photo: SkyTruth/Flickr
Scott Harris | Revelations last week that the northern Saskatchewan community of Pinehouse is set to sign a so-called "collaboration agreement" with uranium giants Cameco and Areva have sparked outrage.
Baker Lake, Nunavut. Photo: E-90/Wikipedia
Jamie Kneen | What's going on in Nunavut is a test of democracy in Canada's newest territory. A huge complex of uranium mines is proposed for the tundra, in the middle of important caribou habitat.