Parking lot in Vancouver. Photo: velkr0/Flickr
Yves Engler | Even the most walkable, bike-able and mass transit-oriented neighbourhoods still require parking spots to be built in new residences.
Doreen Nicoll | Burlington City Councillor Vince Fiorito is running on grounded, achievable goals that would help make Ward 1 and the entire City of Burlington a cleaner, more energy efficient, sustainable place.
Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM/flickr
Stephen Kimber | With this year's municipal elections history, the question becomes: what should our new-old council do first?
Scott Neigh | William Felepchuk and Brian McDougall talk about settler organizing in solidarity with Algonquin opposition to a condo development on a sacred site in Ottawa.
Photo: Morgan/flickr
Stephen Kimber | Halifax's 2006 Regional Strategy designated an untamed swath of land between the Bayers Lake Industrial Park and Hammonds Plains as a public wilderness park. What happened?
Photo: Benjamin J. DeLong/flickr
Stephen Kimber | If it's become acceptable for developers to apply to bend municipal planning strategy, should it not be just as possible for ordinary citizens to seek similar exceptions in the public interest?
Photo: Tom Flemming/flickr
Stephen Kimber | From cyberbullying legislation to support for Stephen McNeil's Liberals, Stephen Kimber surveys the field of politics in Nova Scotia.
Photo: Shawnee G/flickr
Stephen Kimber | The decision to change a Halifax street name follows "defined policies" so that street names are "consistent," say city staff. That might have been that, except we're talking about Gottingen Street.
Photo: Lawrence Plug/Spacing Magazine/flickr
Stephen Kimber | There are a number of community-changing developments approved, proposed or soon-to-be proposed in the city of Halifax. Are these types of developments the new normal?
Photo: flickr/ Caelie_Frampton
Kathryn Mandell | If Vancouver votes "yes" in the transit referendum will the more comprehensive plan actually serve the people who need it?
Photo: Adventures of KM&G-Morris/flickr
Stephen Kimber | Last week, Halifax city councillors filled up three hours debating a 142-unit twin tower development before voting nine to six to -- wait for it: approve the project. Why?
Photo: John Douglas/flickr
Stephen Kimber | Disconnects? Failures to communicate? Look no further than Nova Scotia Power's lack of storm readiness and Halifax developers' attack on downtown heritage preservation.