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Mar 12, 2014
Photo: flickr/ m+A+s

Rogers Arena concession workers face spring layoffs

H.G. Watson
Canucks Sports & Entertainment will be ending their contract with Aramark Canada Ltd and is set to lay off almost 1,000 concession stand workers at Vancouver's Rogers Arena.
Jun 22, 2011

Time to resign: First Jim, then Penny and Gregor

Chris Shaw
VPD chief Jim Chu and Vancouver's Gregor Robertson are desperately trying to shift blame for the Stanley Cup riot away from their own culpability onto the backs of others.
Jun 20, 2011

Is your attic breeding anarchists?

Chris Shaw
Vancouver City Manager, Penny Ballem strategizes with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Premier Christy Clark, and VPD Chief Jim Chu about how to manage the fallout from the Stanley Cup riot.
Jun 17, 2011

Preston Manning, neo-liberalism and the Vancouver riots

Murray Dobbin
What else was the spectacle of the Vancouver riots than a declaration that these young men have so little in their lives to give them meaning that they can find it in destroying their own city.
Jun 16, 2011
Vancouver skyline, June 15, 2011. Photo: Matthew Grapengieser/Flickr

Vancouver's hockey riot: How to understand it

Dave Zirin
What happened after the game was neither in the spirit of people at the arena nor the spirit of those who bravely protested the G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto in June 2010.
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