Jan 20, 2016

On women. And aggressiveness.

Raluca Bejan
My thinking does not come from a comparative compromise to maleness. It comes from my own head. The head that situates itself above my shoulders and the head that I would like to keep straight.
Jan 19, 2016
Image: Facebook/Nurses Education Montreal

The cost of caring

Hilah Silver
Women nurses are bearing the brunt of budget cuts in health care.

WTC Grand Tea Party Cafe

Jan 24, 2016
Heritage Hall
3102 Main Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 26.0928" N, 123° 6' 3.1968" W
British Columbia CA
Come out to the Women Transforming Cities Grand Tea Party Café for a celebration and culmination of the previous cafés!
Nov 13, 2015

A fresh look at women in trades and technology

A new radio documentary looks at the challenges facing young women when they decide to take up a trade. The program was produced by 20-year-old sound technician Mariessa Mcleod.
Oct 19, 2015

Furor over niqab normalizes racist debate

By the end of today, the debate over the niqab will disappear from view. However, there will be a lasting impact for Muslim women and men, according to Itrath Syed.


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