Apr 7, 2009

$12.8 trillion and counting

Bloomberg News estimates $12.8 trillion as the amount of financial support already given by the U.S. authorities to its banking system -- where are the improvements?
Apr 2, 2009

Prime ministers shouldn't wear plaid

Trish Hennessy
<p>I'm expecting Harper to replace the blue sweater from the last election with a plaid polyester suit and a t-shirt that says "I've got great swampland in Florida for you."</p>
Mar 27, 2009

Her honour as theatre critic

Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb's theatre company was a symptom in that era of high globalization, the 1990s: theatre as a vehicle for corporate grandiosity.
Mar 24, 2009

Weekly Audit: Stop subsidizing Wall Street

The Media Consortium
This week there were a lot of reactions to Tim Geithner's new bailout plan. The Weekly Audit also highlights a couple of pieces on much-needed structural reforms to the U.S. corporate landscape.
Mar 19, 2009

National pride

Trish Hennessy
Am I the only Canadian who doesn't measure the worth of my nation by the wealth of its banks?
Mar 11, 2009

Fighting the banks over home foreclosures

People across the United States are pressuring governments and banks to make it easier to people to keep their homes. We speak with Mary Rabon from Kansas City, Missouri.


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