Greg Macdougall

Greg Macdougall is an activist/educator/writer based in Ottawa. He is the producer (aka layout person) of the rabble rouser. He is also a member of the provincial anarchist organization Common Cause, and wants to be clear that his role in producing the rouser is not affiliated with his membership in Common Cause -- a group which has taken a clear 'anti-election/anti-voting' position that is elaborated on at

Greg Macdougall
Book Review
Nov 1, 2012

Media Ecosystem: Growing better media gardens

Greg Macdougall
In Media Ecosystem, Antonio Lopez takes an ecological approach to media that both understands the world of media as an ecosystem, and connects media to the physical world.
Nov 23, 2011

Police evict Occupy Ottawa from Confederation Park

John Bonnar Audio Blog
On early Wednesday morning, police moved in to evict Occupy Ottawa from Confederation Park. The move came 26 hours after the eviction deadline from the National Capital Commission.
Nov 19, 2011
Needs no introduction, fresh ideas from speakers of note

A conversation with Joan Kuyek

Needs No Introduction
Greg Macdougall sits down with Joan Kuyek, author of Community Organizing: a Holistic Approach. He talked to her about her new book and how it related to other books she has published.
Book Review
Nov 17, 2011
Community Organizing

Community Organizing: A guide for activists

Greg Macdougall
For someone interested in getting involved in organizing, Joan Kuyek's Community Organizing serves as a comprehensive and inspiring introduction.


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