Meg Borthwick

Meg Borthwick (aka Rebecca West) is a babble moderator and has been a member of since 2001. She has a decorative liberal arts degree in Quoting Chaucer at Dinner Parties (English/Drama double major)from the University of Toronto, and has a piece of paper that says she has completed the extremely practical Non-Profit Management program at the University of Western Ontario. A veteran community radio broadcaster and journalist, Meg has devoted several decades to social justice advocacy and interminable board meetings. Despite being a socialist feminist, Meg enjoys such bourgeois hobbies as gardening, cookery and talking about real estate at social gatherings.

Book Review
Jul 3, 2014

Pipelines: The answer is still no!

Meg Borthwick
No pipelines, no tankers! Read the collected thoughts of long-time activists, new converts, Indigenous resistors and, you know, all those people the Harper government considers "terrorists."
Jun 18, 2014
photo: flickr/Caelie_frampton

Northern Gateway: Resistance continues

Meg Borthwick
A sit-in is underway in Port Moody. As activists occupy a Conservative MP's office, others vow to keep up their opposition to the project.
May 21, 2014

Energy East is a 4,400 km energy beast

Meg Borthwick
The proposed Energy East pipeline poses risks to many Canadian communities. Here's why you should get the facts and get involved.


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