Mick Sweetman

Mick Sweetman is a rabble.ca contributor. His articles and photos have also been published in Alternet, Basics, The Calgary Straight, Canadian Dimension, Clamor Magazine, Industrial Worker, Linchpin, The Media Co-op, New Socialist, Northeastern Anarchist, They call it struggle, Vox Magazine and ZNet. He calls Toronto home and is unabashedly a supporter of Toronto FC. You can follow him on Twitter at Mick Sweetman.

Mick Sweetman
Jun 13, 2014
Photo: flickr/knehcsg

Liberals stop Hudak, win majority government

Mick Sweetman
The Ontario election on Thursday saw voters re-elect Kathleen Wynne's Liberal Party, with a majority government, and reject the possibility of a hard-right Conservative government.


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