Robert Hackett

Robert Hackett is Professor Emeritus of Communication at Simon Fraser University. He has published eight (mostly collaborative) academic books on media and politics, most recently Journalism and Climate Crisis (2017). A co-founder of NewsWatch Canada (1993), Media Democracy Days (2001), and (2007), Bob has been one of the thousands of people campaigning to defend the community, the coast and the planet from the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, notably the Trans Mountain pipeline. He received SFU's Warren Gill award for community impact in 2018.

Book Review
Jan 9, 2020
Image: Andrea Schoeberlein/Flickr

Can poetry help us understand climate change?

Robert Hackett
That's the task that Catriona Sandilands and the 45 other contributors to "Rising Tides: Reflections for Climate Changing Times" have set for themselves. And it's no small challenge.


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