Scott Neigh

Jun 2, 2020
Image: Martin Lopez/PXHere and Petr Kratochvil/

Unions and online technology from the 1980s to COVID-19

Talking Radical Radio
Long-time trade unionist Derek Blackadder talks about the labour movement's use of new technologies over the decades and how that relates to today's pandemic-inspired push to move everything online.
Apr 28, 2020
Image: Vegetables/Piqsels

Migrant agricultural workers demanding dignity

Talking Radical Radio
Hector Balderos Campos and Natalia Sudeyko talk about the work of the Dignidad Migrante Society, an organization which supports migrant agricultural workers in Canada.
Apr 14, 2020
Smoke stacks from the Vale Copper Cliff nickel refinery in Sudbury, Ontario. Image: Tony Webster/Wikimedia

How to protect your community from the mining industry

Talking Radical Radio
Joan Kuyek talks about her decades of involvement in struggles related to mining and about her book, "Unearthing Justice: How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry."


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