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Jan 21, 2010

Baby boomers' next battle

Frank Preyde
Theodore Roszak's latest book revisits a generation he defined 40 years ago reminding readers of the strengths of the baby boomer generation and challenges boomers to again take up the good fight.
Book Review
Jan 14, 2010

Flirting with form

Samantha Sternberg
Young writers, the urban landscape and subversive art are just a few of the interests that guided Toronto's Steel Bananas art collective in producing GULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose.
Book Review
Dec 17, 2009

Fun with frugality

Donna Barker
Weaving concrete advice from her own life with ideas from many of her frugal friends Thrifty offers encouraging, entertaining and eclectic ways to live a frugal life with style.
Book Review
Dec 16, 2009

Sheema Khan stick-handles Muslim misconceptions

June Chua
In her new book Sheema Khan proposes a smarter examination of how to deal with the misunderstandings inherent in the discourse about Muslims in the modern world.
Book Review
Dec 11, 2009

Go green Alberta, new book says

Samantha Power
As the world debates the climate crisis and it's solutions in Copenhagen, Albertans are being asked to take command of their own contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.


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