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Aug 6, 2009

Meet the Net Gen

Ian Capstick
You've probably heard of Generation Y and Echo Boomers -- these are the Net Gen. In this interview, Don Tapscott explains why Net Genners think differently than other generations.
Book Review
Jul 23, 2009

Seven killer chemicals

Donna Barker
Are you a toxic time bomb? The authors of Slow Death by Rubber Duck investigate how common chemicals impact our bodies and offer ways to avoid them.
Book Review
Jul 9, 2009

On the prowl

Jennifer Moreau
While studies often focus on why women get into prostitution, precious few have looked at the men who rent them.The Johns examines an often overlooked element in the prostitution equation.
Book Review
Jul 2, 2009

The cost of this war

Steven Staples and David MacDonald
"How much is this war costing Canadians?" ask Steven Staples and David MacDonald in a chapter from a new anthology dedicated to examining the toll of war in Afghanistan.
Book Review
Jun 25, 2009

Cruise ship blues

Melissa Fong
If you're contemplating a cruise vacation this summer think again -- Paradise Lost at Sea exposes the not-so-glamorous realities of cruise vacations.
Book Review
May 29, 2009

Puritanism preoccupied

Jessica Rose
Jessica Valenti's latest takes on purity-pushers encouraging readers to value women for the positive roles they play in society and not for their chastity.
Book Review
May 21, 2009

Not on record

Chris Arsenault
Journalist Chris Arsenault investigates the arrival of Agent Orange to Canada and tells the stories of locals that suffered its effects in this excerpt from Blowback.
Book Review
May 14, 2009

Strolling, Palestinian-style

Rahat Kurd
Palestinian Walks is writer and human rights lawyer Raja Shehadeh's poetic memoir of walking in the hills around his home in Ramallah.
Book Review
May 7, 2009

Cutting the crap

Katie O'Connor
Rhetoric for radicals sets out guidelines for the ardent activist -- establishing the need for clearer communication in achieving social change.


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