Jerry West

Gold River, Vancouver Island

Jerry West is the publisher, editor and janitor for The Record, an independent, progressive regional publication for Nootka Sound and Canada’s West Coast. This column originally appeared in his paper, and is posted on rabble with permission. West is a former Sergeant with the U.S. Marine Corps and a Vietnam-era anti-war activist.

Jerry West
May 4, 2005

Dirt and distraction on B.C. election trail

If a society does not believe that its government exists for the well-being of the people, then the government is merely reduced to something little more than a gang of crooks with a mandate to steal
Apr 20, 2005

When your god is the marketplace

The April 18 edition of the <i>New York Times</i> contained an editorial by Bob Herbert titled &#147;A Radical in the White House.&#148; Contrary to what one's first impression might be, the piece i
Mar 23, 2005

Destroying Canadian sovereignty

Canadians need to ask themselves seriously how they would like becoming second-class Americans. Right now, the business leaders of the country are working on projects that will do just that to all o
Feb 25, 2005

Campbell and fan club on the election trail

So much good news is coming out of the B.C. government in Victoria these days one can barely comprehend it all. The election season has started and Gordon Campbell's Liberals are throwing the taxpay
Nov 11, 2004

Don't let propaganda distort the sacrifice

This week we once again observe Remembrance Day to honour those who have sacrificed for the country. We get fed a lot of propaganda about fighting wars to make the world safe for democracy and to pro
Oct 11, 2004

A failing system hooked on drugs

I know that I would rather be writing comedy than editorials on the sorry state of the world today, but it is hard to be funny when there is so much needless trouble with things just getting worse.
Sep 26, 2004

Following the pied piper of the media giants

Our world is defined by its rhetoric. What we hear and read often defines what we believe or disbelieve, particularly if the same message permeates the media that we are most exposed to. And those
Jun 6, 2004

Staying out of the mess in Iraq

At the end of World War II we had a chance to make a different world. Instead, we let it decline into the sorry state that we see now as the sacrifices made by so many in that war are debased and fr
Mar 31, 2004

None of your business

If I hadn't known from the beginning what kind of mess British Columbia was letting itself in for when the voters turned the keys over to this Liberal government, I would be amazed and feel betrayed
Nov 20, 2003

Arrogant and contemptuous in B.C.

The good news is that Gold River is a nice place to live. It might be nicer if there were more jobs to be had, but it is pretty nice nevertheless. Clean air, plenty of good water and not much crime


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