Jerry West

Gold River, Vancouver Island

Jerry West is the publisher, editor and janitor for The Record, an independent, progressive regional publication for Nootka Sound and Canada’s West Coast. This column originally appeared in his paper, and is posted on rabble with permission. West is a former Sergeant with the U.S. Marine Corps and a Vietnam-era anti-war activist.

Jerry West
Jul 4, 2002

Eye for a Bloody Eye

Getting Colder. While the great adventure in Afghanistan rages on, American, Canadian and Afghani civilians continue to die. And it is obvious by now, that the war against terror, will not be won by
Apr 3, 2002

B.C. Sell Out

While quietly authorizing the shipment of thousands of truck loads of raw logs to U.S. mills, B.C. Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell continues talking tough from one of his faces, while laying the grou
Dec 19, 2001

What's in a Question?

The people of B.C. are not really being asked for their direction on treaty issues. The proposed referendum on the issue is little more than an expensive propaganda gimmick being used by the governme
Dec 4, 2001

An Extreme Case

Here in British Columbia, our own homegrown form of Taliban - under Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell - has been merrily slashing and tearing apart the fabric of the province on a daily basis.
Nov 21, 2001

What Did We Fight For?

The new laws that are being proposed and passed here in Canada, Britain, the United States and other countries are a regression from the principles of freedom and democracy, of civil rights and the r
Nov 7, 2001

What It's About

We hear about wars protecting our way of life, which in many ways may be true. But the statement begs the question, Why is it that we have a way of life that attracts wars?
Oct 24, 2001

Terrorist versus Terrorist

War is what they like to call it because it makes it sound so much more manly and heroic - and easier to provoke the passions of the gullible on both sides. After all, some people might think twice
Oct 17, 2001

War, What War?

Anyone who has examined history knows that this is not simply a war against terrorism. If it were, then the U.S. would be examining its own history over the past fifty years and accepting responsibil


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